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Who We Are

Cyverasia is an integrated multi-cultural digital network with offices in the U.S. and Asia. We provide a single source solution for social media, planning, buying, and tracking of effective digital campaigns for the emerging Asian American markets, including K / V / I / C. We offer a diverse, but focused product set designed to attract, engage, and drive ROI. This includes: KOLs, social media, proprietary mobile apps, exclusive media, search engine marketing, and effective ad buy on major social platforms.

What We Do

  • Exclusive inventory
  • KOL network
  • Native advertising
  • Customized content
  • Consumer insights of Asian Americans
  • Consumer insights of global distribution platforms

Market Overview

Asian Americans are in-language, in-culture, and active on cross platforms.They live in two internets, and have carved out a unique and independent dialog on the top global platforms.


Asian Americans living in North America


average household income


Accumulated spending power


mobile apps


Asian Americans social media daily engagement


digital ad network


global WeChat users


Asian Americans own smartphones

Our Approach

We apply an approach to digital advertising grounded in market reality, with culturally specific content, market specific sites and apps, and with the assistance of applied data and mass market sites.

Data Management

Forecast effective placement of ads.



Blending rep network, programmatic and influencer inventory.


Ad performance monitoring.



Real-time adjustments for delivery effectiveness.


Our Services

At Cyverasia, we provide unique value to clients by offering the most diverse products and services on the market, including premium display, proprietary mobile apps, exclusive media partners, and effective ad buy on the top social platforms. Our global team negotiates value for premium placement on these sites, and authenticates traffic through specialized tools.

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  • Social Marketing and KOLs

    Advertising through global social networks and global platforms, Cyverasia can tap into the emerging celebrity power of inspiring influencers on prominent platforms.
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  • Mobile

    Proprietary network of mobile apps & exclusive ad network partnerships.
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  • Global In-Language Marketing

    Access to a diverse array of display opportunities, (dynamic, static, textual, video), on the local and international sites that Asians visit most.
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  • SEM / SEO

    Keyword effective search buy in both English and Asian languages, site optimization for Google & Baidu.
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Our Clients

Our Network

Cyverasia has access to a variety of partnered and exclusive media channels providing over 50 million engagement per day. Each of these platforms has its own voice and a built-in audience. We are also the only U.S. media company with the ability to do direct buys in China.
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